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ECMO support

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ECMO and ECLS support methods are established intensive care procedures used to treat patients with serious pulmonary and/or cardiovascular failure. Patients for whom standard treatment options have been exhausted can be supported for periods lasting up to several weeks using ECMO or ECLS therapy.
Our perfusionists specializing in ECMO support, work with you to plan a program tailored to your requirements comprised of the set-up, preparation and maintenance of the consoles. Close cooperation with the physician performing the implantation and subsequent patient support, have both the interest of achieving an optimum outcome for the patient.

Two options are available:

    • We provide you not only with the equipment and the disposables, but also specialized personnel, who will in turn be responsible for maintaining and servicing the equipment, reordering any additional disposables. Our perfusionists are an integral part of your team, constantly on-site and always accessible to both you and the patient.
    • Your own personnel will be trained by our staff in the handling of the system following its planning and installation. We can be on hand with you at the time of the first implantation, performing the daily visits with you and of course being on call at all times to clarify any uncertainties you may encounter. Your team will thus become highly autonomous but can always rely on the assistance of our experts when necessary. Naturally, our specialists will also assume responsibility for maintaining and servicing the equipment as well as for procuring the disposables.
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